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2016 SPED Booster Club Fundraiser is a Success!

It’s a Wrap (green foil wrap to be specific)!

We are proud to say our first Viper SPED Booster Club fundraiser 2016 is officially in the books and it was a whopping success!  We sold 700 beautiful plants grown for us by the capable adults of the Brookwood Community in Brookshire, Texas, ensuring that 100% of the money spent went to supporting the endeavors of people with special needs.

The inclement weather in Austin on Saturday, December 3, led to an elaborately planned and executed new plan in order to protect the plants (& volunteers!) from spending several hours in an open parking lot awaiting pick up in the pouring rain.  Working just a few days ahead of the impending landscaping truck’s arrival from Houston on Saturday the board was able to secure staging locations in various homes’ garages and a volunteer staff of drivers and plant runners comprised of SPED & AD Team parents and AD Teams from VHS & CRMS.

600 poinsettias were hand-delivered to people’s homes and businesses on Saturday and another 100 to teachers at CRMS & VHS on Monday.  It was a lovely sight to behold, witnessing the joy that was spread in both the CRMS and VHS communities as our SPED students and AD Team members made their deliveries.

Read more about this in the latest Vandegrift Voice issue: http://www.vandegriftvoice.com/uncategorized/2016/12/15/sped-kids-and-volunteers-speed-to-deliver-flowers/

From Seed to Sales

Viper SPED BC is honored to partner with the Brookwood Community of Brookshire, Texas, to bring beautiful holiday plants here to the Four Points area.  The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and provides meaning and purpose for adults with disabilities.  Their Horticulture Team spent three weeks in August planting almost 50,000 poinsettias to kick off their annual tradition of offering these beautiful plants for sale during the Christmas season.

Careful and diligent nurturing by the Citizens of Brookwood right up until our trucks arrive to transport the poinsettias to Austin…where they will be unloaded and placed in your hands by SPED students and their Buddies.  From seed to final sale these plants will be lovingly cared for and tended by competent, hard-working, contributing persons with disabilities.  Proudly displayed in your home or office or gifted to friends in the spirit of the season, these plants will represent the faith we all share in the potential our SPED students possess for meaningful contribution to society.

Our Viper SPED BC members will be ready to fill your poinsettia pre-order Saturday, December 3rd, at our Head Coach Sponsor Cups & Cones’ parking lot in Steiner Ranch from 2-5pm.

Help us Boost our Buddies…order your poinsettias today!